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1st Escrima Seminar of 2022

Escrima returns to Austin Ving Tsun with our 2022 Escrima Seminars! These seminars are open to both AustinVT members as well as non-members. The Filipino weapons art of Escrima is a great companion to empty-hand skills of Ving Tsun (Wing Chun).

Our Next Austin Escrima Seminar will be held in the fall.

Winter Camp 2022

Austin, TX – Students and instructors from across the country came to Austin for a weekend of training and practice. The event started on Friday evening with the Long Pole class for instructors, covering one of the most advanced courses of training in the art. The weekend included 8 hours of group training over Saturday and Sunday. As usual, a team dinner was held on Saturday night at Nagoya Steak and Sushi. Congratulations to all those who tested and were promoted at this event:

  • Sifu Bryan Reed, completed the Long Pole Program
  • Sifu Jason S. Miller, 3rd degree instructor and completed the Long Pole Program
  • Alex Hirschfeld, Student Grade 8
  • Bob Lawinger, Student Grade 8
  • Rachel Johnson, Student Grade 8
  • Avery Hackman, Student Grade 6
  • AJ Miller, Student Grade 6
  • Dave McCrory, Student Grade 6
  • Michael Gagnon, Student Grade 3
Group Photo on the last day of Camp
Long Pole Class