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We are a family friendly school with a high student-instructor ratio.
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Master Webb brings over 37 years of experience to our training.

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Training is conducted in a friendly atmosphere with a high student-instructor ratio ensuring you the best instruction available.

Extra training

Extra training

Throughout the year there are bonus training sessions and twice a year "camps" where all students come together for 2 days of training on the weekend


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1st Escrima Seminar of 2022

Escrima Returns to Austin Ving Tsun with the 1st of our 2022 Escrima Seminars – open for folks new to Escrima and returning folks who missed the weapons class that is a great companion to Ving Tsun (Wing Chun).

Our Next Austin Escrima Seminar will be held in June.

Winter Camp 2022

Winter Camp 2022 – With Folks from Across the country coming to Austin for a weekend of training and practice. Starting with the Long Pole class Friday night for instructors and flowing into 8 hours of testing across 2 days, and a team dinner Saturday night at Nagoya Steak And Sushi. Great work to all the folks who traveled to Austin for this annual event.

Congratulations to all those who tested and were promoted:

Sifu Bryan Reed, for Completing the Long Pole Program

Sifu Jason S Miller Promoted to 3rd Degree instructor (and completing the Long Pole Program).

Alex, Bob and Rachel for obtaining Student Grade 8

Avery, AJ, and Dave for obtaining Student Grade 6

And Michael for Student Grade 3

Group Photo on the last day of Camp
Long Pole Class

Meet Our Sifus

An instructor of Chinese martial arts is traditionally called "Sifu" by students. This word actually represents two distinct terms that sound the same. "Sifu" means "in a to assist or help," and anyone with the skills and knowledge and is willing to teach can be a "Sifu" and is not reserved solely for martial arts instructors. It's common in China for any skilled person. In our school, this title is awarded to instructors who demonstrate skill, along with knowledge of training and theory begin the style along with a willingness to help others and help contribute to the school by giving back (help others).